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    Ice Making,Freezing and Refrigeration Technology
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    Intelligent, energy saving, environment-friendly

    About GEALLY

    Committed to make a better ice machine

    DONGGUAN GEALLY REFRIGERATION TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD (GEALLY for short),a professional ice making and refrigeration solution and equipment provider.The factory located in Dongguan city which is well known as “WORLD FACTORY”.GEALLY achieves its production strictly according to ISO9001:2008 management system,and the products are conform with CE manufacturing standard.

    GEALLY has more than 10 years experience in designing and manufacturing ice making systems,and has a sophisticated team integrating with reserch and development,production,sales and after-sale services.Driven by enterprising and innovative desirability,we established the ice machine brand GEALLY,which is mainly engaged in flake ice machine,block ice machine,tube ice machine,cube ice machine and the relative products.GEALLY products are widely applied in ice factories,supermarkets,restaurants,fish docks,poultry factories,aquatic bases, fruit and vegetable preservation and transportation,chemical industries,concrete cooling and also various types of industrial or environmental cooling projects.

    "Smart", "efficient" and "green environmental" are GEALLY's corporate goals, and "product first" is GEALLY's business philosophy! GEALLY have been committed to technological innovation in the ice industry, and insist on lean production and integrity management. We firmly believe that GEALLY will be your ideal partner.


    Dongguan Geally Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd

    Project case

    To provide you with a complete set of customized ice system services


    Make ice as much as possible, highly recommended

    • Advanced production equipment

    • Product diversification

    • Senior technical team

    • Fast and stable delivery

    • Non-standard custom

    • Improve the service system

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